Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wow what a night

What up my peoples.... u know im always laughin n joking talking shit about me like i never do anything wrong, well i fucked up.... n i fucked up big time. Lets start from the begining, well yesterday i went to work as any normal day and i knew my buddy sean wanted to hit the town of charlotte and get it poppin (u know im game 4 that). So i get off work hit up burlington coat factory cause i need a fly outfit, i get that go home get ready and now me n sean r ready to hit the town (look out ladies here we come).
We head to cans cause there is a girl he knows who was having a party there so we fly in line chilling dude at the door was only letting like 2 people in at a time, so we thinking damn its gotta be jumping in there, so the line is slowing moving (might i say we r not used to waiting in line so we r getting impatient). And as the line gets shorter we see more n more people leaving and we r thinking WTF y is every 1 leaving ...... So the guy at the door is still only letting in a couple people at a time and now its our turn to get in, i paid the 10$ to get in and y did when we get in there were only like 30 people in there im like OH HELL NO!!!!!!! we waited in that bullshit line 4 this needless to say we were pissed.
We had a good time at can took a shot of grey goose (1) left there went to halo dude at the door was trippin on my fedora so i put it in the car. got in had a red bull n goose (2). It was weak so we got a shot of goose (3). Partied some more then got another shot of goose (4) , chilled some then got a redbull n goose (5). did the cupid shuffle n rocked some biggie then got a shot of goose (6) then they called last call so we got a redbull n goose (7). Im tore the fuck up by now. Sean lost his phone luckily the girl who found it gave it back . So sean wants to go to onyx (this ladies n gentlemen is where i fucked up).
on the way to onyx sean needed cash we stopped at the ATM im like dude i gotta throw up but nothing came up. so now sean is in the drivers seat and is like lets roll now 4 r less than 30 seconds away from onyx sean stalls out 7 times trying to get there n then we switched seats cause he aint about to fuck up my stick shift. Now we inside n i am feeling myself getting sick sean sittin beside me n he is gettin a lap dance from this big booty chick im like yo i need to go home NOW, he is like just give me a couple mins im like ok then i feel the sickness getting closer im like yo we need to ROLL, he is like im a get 1 more dance then we out me thinking i can hold it down im like aight cool. Ill be damn if i didnt start to throw up, but im at onyx all these sexy girls n all these niggas around im not about to embarrass myself n let them see me throw up so i did what any self respecting muh fuka would do i caught that shit in my mouth n somehow swallowed it (i know its nasty right) but what was i to do im not gonna look like an ass. but thats not the worst of it, it came back up like 5 times n i had to catch it each time n swallow GOD i was so drunk. some how we made it home i gargled brushed my teeth went to bed woke up went to work n was feeling ok.
Moral of the story KNOW UR LIMIT N DONT CROSS IT

elmoe n im out in the 2 double 0-9

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