Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cruise Time

so i just got back home from a cruise it was amazing. it was my 1st time going anywere really.... so i drove down to port canaveral 7 1/2 hour drive it was long but i got to see the sites. got on the ship n it was huge its like a lil city on water. went down to nassau had a blast was sad it was only 3 days. next time i go i am going either alone or im going wit my homeboy. if ur not in a relationship i DO NOT recommend taking some1 of the opposite sex. drove back home n now here i am relaxing about to go back to work tomorrow. man i cant wait to go on another cruise im already making plans for november its def gonna happen then n im gonna have an even better time cant wait to get it poppin

Elmoe N im out like a thief in the night


Anonymous said...

but if you are in a relationship, it may be the best vacation the 2 of you have!

djelmoe said...

ur def right if ur in a relationship or if u r married or going on a family reuinion they r great but if its some1 u like or if its some1 who ur talking to or just started dating its not a good look. but oh trust and believe when i go again im going alone or wit a homeboy gonna be way more fun