Saturday, November 7, 2009


whats good peoples long time no talk sorry i been MIA been busy with work and getting back on this DJ grind. Quick recap ummm went to LA in sept. loved it as u can see from the pic. got back n was hating charlotte once i got there it was a wrap partys every night met some cool peeps (shouts out to my boy matt) who showed us a great time. back in town now then my verizon store moved me then moved me back UGH *SMH* but now they got me in a permanent store so im good but they working the hell outta us. Now im back on my grind DJ elmoe is BACK check out the mix i did link to download it is here check it out n get back at cha boy

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wow what a night

What up my peoples.... u know im always laughin n joking talking shit about me like i never do anything wrong, well i fucked up.... n i fucked up big time. Lets start from the begining, well yesterday i went to work as any normal day and i knew my buddy sean wanted to hit the town of charlotte and get it poppin (u know im game 4 that). So i get off work hit up burlington coat factory cause i need a fly outfit, i get that go home get ready and now me n sean r ready to hit the town (look out ladies here we come).
We head to cans cause there is a girl he knows who was having a party there so we fly in line chilling dude at the door was only letting like 2 people in at a time, so we thinking damn its gotta be jumping in there, so the line is slowing moving (might i say we r not used to waiting in line so we r getting impatient). And as the line gets shorter we see more n more people leaving and we r thinking WTF y is every 1 leaving ...... So the guy at the door is still only letting in a couple people at a time and now its our turn to get in, i paid the 10$ to get in and y did when we get in there were only like 30 people in there im like OH HELL NO!!!!!!! we waited in that bullshit line 4 this needless to say we were pissed.
We had a good time at can took a shot of grey goose (1) left there went to halo dude at the door was trippin on my fedora so i put it in the car. got in had a red bull n goose (2). It was weak so we got a shot of goose (3). Partied some more then got another shot of goose (4) , chilled some then got a redbull n goose (5). did the cupid shuffle n rocked some biggie then got a shot of goose (6) then they called last call so we got a redbull n goose (7). Im tore the fuck up by now. Sean lost his phone luckily the girl who found it gave it back . So sean wants to go to onyx (this ladies n gentlemen is where i fucked up).
on the way to onyx sean needed cash we stopped at the ATM im like dude i gotta throw up but nothing came up. so now sean is in the drivers seat and is like lets roll now 4 r less than 30 seconds away from onyx sean stalls out 7 times trying to get there n then we switched seats cause he aint about to fuck up my stick shift. Now we inside n i am feeling myself getting sick sean sittin beside me n he is gettin a lap dance from this big booty chick im like yo i need to go home NOW, he is like just give me a couple mins im like ok then i feel the sickness getting closer im like yo we need to ROLL, he is like im a get 1 more dance then we out me thinking i can hold it down im like aight cool. Ill be damn if i didnt start to throw up, but im at onyx all these sexy girls n all these niggas around im not about to embarrass myself n let them see me throw up so i did what any self respecting muh fuka would do i caught that shit in my mouth n somehow swallowed it (i know its nasty right) but what was i to do im not gonna look like an ass. but thats not the worst of it, it came back up like 5 times n i had to catch it each time n swallow GOD i was so drunk. some how we made it home i gargled brushed my teeth went to bed woke up went to work n was feeling ok.
Moral of the story KNOW UR LIMIT N DONT CROSS IT

elmoe n im out in the 2 double 0-9

Friday, July 24, 2009

Crime Shows

have u ever wondered y there r so many crime shows and where do they get there material??? well i think i know they 1 get there material from all these dumb ass criminals who get caught all the time. come bruh u know u cant do no crime wit no1 or even talk about what u did wit some 1 cause what r they gonna do (every1 together now) snitch.. people will snitch in a heart beat if the popo say well we got u on tape or its in ur best interests cause we know..... people will sing like a humming bird. i remember 1 time when i was alot younger i stole some stuff from target n my boy wanted part of the action so we went to sports authorities and he said he was gonna get something so im like cool do ur thing im a be on the other side of the store just looking well long story short his ass got caught. n i went down as and accomplice. so im pissed that i got dragged into some shit n i wasnt even stealin (this time) lol so we in the office n i aint sayin shit they asking all these questions n im like i aint do shit u aint see me do shit so fuck u. notw my friend who ALWAYS seemed like he was so hard broke the fuck down n snitched on everything even the shit i did earlier so from then on out any dirt i did i did alone cause i aint going down 4 no1...... so what im saying is that if u wanna keep these crime shoes going keep doing dumb shit n snitching n gettin caught

im out like a thief in the nights its party time

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cruise Time

so i just got back home from a cruise it was amazing. it was my 1st time going anywere really.... so i drove down to port canaveral 7 1/2 hour drive it was long but i got to see the sites. got on the ship n it was huge its like a lil city on water. went down to nassau had a blast was sad it was only 3 days. next time i go i am going either alone or im going wit my homeboy. if ur not in a relationship i DO NOT recommend taking some1 of the opposite sex. drove back home n now here i am relaxing about to go back to work tomorrow. man i cant wait to go on another cruise im already making plans for november its def gonna happen then n im gonna have an even better time cant wait to get it poppin

Elmoe N im out like a thief in the night

Blog #1

aight blog world this is ya boy "the extravagant" djelmoe aka "larry sherrill"this is my 1st blog. So i thought id start out with a lil background info born july 17,1981 in charlotte NC im and only child, love my moms aka "mama sherrill". my pops aka "papa sherrill" who passed in 1998. He is always on my mind and now he is on my arm tattoo portrait. like i said born n raised here in charlotte went to olympic high school "O DAWGS" c/o 99. Im heavy into music i been djing off n on since 2000 but i got serious about it back in 2006 been going hard ever since. this blog is gonna be dedicated EVERYTHING music related and EVERYTHING entertainment related im also gonna throw some fashion in there so every1 keep ur eyes glued cause this blog is gonna be the shit LETS GO!!!!!!!!!

Elmoe n im out like a thief in the night