Saturday, January 8, 2011

Man in coma after beating at EpiCentre

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A fight at Uptown Charlotte’s Epicentre severely injured a 31-year-old man, and police are asking for help to identify the person or people responsible for the attack.
Yassine Moudarrir is in a coma and has significant brain trauma.  He may never walk or talk again, according to his wife.
“More than anything we just want him to come home with us.  We miss him so much,” said the victim’s wife, Jenna Shirey.
Moudarrir was out with friends at the Epicentre’s Suite club early on the morning of Monday, December 20th, 2010.  A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police detective says someone inside the club pulled a fire alarm at 2:18 AM, and then an altercation broke out inside the club.  Moudarrir was found outside the club on the 3rd floor.
Moudarrir’s wife told NewsChannel 36 that his friends witnessed bouncers from the club “swarming” around him, but that none of the friends have been able to definitively identify any of his attackers.
“They can be so tough to beat a man within an inch of his death,” said Moudarrir’s wife.  “Yet they can’t have the guts to come forward and own up to what they did.”
A representative from Suite did send a short statement to NewsChannel36.  In full, it reads:
“We are aware of the incident that occurred on December 20 and have been working with the authorities.  Our prayers are with the victim of this senseless incident.  Despite previously published reports, this did not occur at Suite or during Suite's business hours, rather it occurred off our property in a neighboring area in the Epicentre.”
The Suite statement did not address the accusations that club bouncers were involved in the incident.
Police say the club is cooperating with the investigation, but there are discrepancies in the statements from witnesses.
“We have some ideas about what may have happened.  That is why we need someone {to come forward} who wasn’t with either the victim or the club,” said Detective Brandy Lingle.
Moudarrir is a husband and father of three.  His wife says doctors cannot provide much information about his chances for recovery.  She told NewsChannel 36, she is just trying to keep the faith.
“I’m hoping he will come home to us.  I am hoping for him to get better.  I am hoping he gets to see his son take his first steps.  And I am hoping whoever did this does not get to stay out there for their whole life.  I hope they get what they deserve for doing this to us and to our family.”
Police want to speak with anyone who may have seen the fight.  Anyone with information should call Detective Lingle at 704-432-3427.


Anonymous said...

that is fucking bulll shit ..... we saw who did it they dont let us go over and point them out and it did happen in suite but they pushed it outside and the manager or suite was there and shook cops hands and didnt let us write a report right there on the spot the cops them self denied us of one at that moment they waiting for yacine to wake up and what if he doesnt then what they all gonna walk free ?

DJ Raquest said...

i can understand ur frustration i wasnt there but this story is defiantly a sad story i hope he comes out of his coma and everything works out for the best