Thursday, December 30, 2010

Brief Look Back At 2010

Well the end of 2010 is among us, this year was filled with good news bad news, but im going to try and give u as much as i can. Corey Haim died you remember him from The Lost boyz, Eva Longoria & Tony Parker breakup. Remember when the cast of "The View" stormed off the stage because of Bill O'reilly's comments that was classic. Conan O'Brien made his triumphant return (even tho i have never seen an episode). Lindsay Lohan went to jail (again) . R.I.P. to Gary Coleman. Cant forget about Paris Hilton getting arrested for cocaine possession smh. T.I. gets out of jail and goes right back in. Avatar was biggest movie EVER!!!! Mel Gibson tapes get released ..... damn he was cool when he was with danny glover but now he just an asshole. I know i wasn't the only one who was waking up at 8am to watch the USA play in the world cup. R.I.P. Tina Marie. The Brent Farve saga. Lakers winning back to back Championships... thats just the tip of the iceberg .... All in all 2010 was good to be im just ready to bring in 2011 n start the process all over again

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